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The Resistance

aaron niequist


all creation waits / bated breath in pain

for redemption’s day

all creation cries / floods and charcoal skies

things are not alright


with brokenness and broken fists we

beat upon the breast of falleness

we hear the call of kingdom come as

one more train we chase to only miss

but we will never give up on it


we’re part of the resistance

we’re running in the revolution

we’re part of the insistance

that we are more than institution

we’re part of the tradition

of spirit- fueled evolution

we’re part of the resistance

we’re running in the revolution,



all creation groans / in one voice alone

for them to be shown

all creation cries / floods and charcoal skies

things are not alright


we’re living in a world built on the walls

between the haves and never wills

but we’re following a King who’s ears are

bent to those forgotten and unfilled

and He will never give up on it


repeat chorus


we’re standing up / and we’re kneeling down

and we’re digging in / and we’re reaching out

and we’re loving more / and we’re holding less

and we won’t back down / from this holy mess

and we’re chosing hope / and we’re chosing peace

we were chosen by Grace / to bring flesh and feet

to the Loving More / to the Holding Rest

and we won’t back down....


©2008 AARONieq Music

The Resistance

this song was born of the ache and sadness of being human.  things are really broken--on the huge, systemic level, and at my deepest core --and it’s hard to know what to do with it all.  the scriptures say that “all of creation waits and groans for the children of God to be revealed,”  and I believe that means you and me and anyone else who resists the infectious hopelessness, and is willing to join God’s Movement of healing creation from the bottom up. 

musically, this tune began as a loud, driving guitar song.  it seemed like the obvious setting for a pseudo-protest song.  however, the faster and louder it became, the less I believed it or wanted to sing it…the frenetic energy sucked out the soul.  so one day I stripped it back to its bare bones:  the melody, a Rhodes, and my foot tapping along, and I re-discovered a song that I believe in.

The Resistance Ache Experience (live)

This is a song/story/reflection experience based on the song "The Resistance". Exploring the deep ache inside of us, we are both pleading with God to make the world right and offering ourselves to this Loving Revolution. Recorded at the 11:15am service of Willow Creek on december 6th, 2009. All images created by Blaine Hogan.

(low-end alert: it's best heard through headphones, rather than computer speakers...)


The Resistance Ache Experience live from aaron niequist on Vimeo.


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