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End of the Story

aaron niequist


darkness isn’t a friend

when will healing begin?

who will fight for the small?

who will fight for us all?


when will goodness prevail?

when is it safe to exhale?

when will the hungry be filled?

when will the terror be stilled?


how long – will sadness be thick?

how long – before it’s all fixed?

how long – God are you sick?

this planet’s broken, well, have You forgotten us?


hope and history yell

help us Emmanuel

Heaven is closer than Hell

save us Emmanuel


we say – hate doesn’t win

we’ve seen – Redemption in skin

we say – let the celebration begin!

we’ve seen the end of the story and Heaven wins.



©2008 AARONieq Music

End of the Story

in december of 2004, our church was celebrating the hope of Christmas. we began by focusing on the pain, sorrow, and darkness of reality, and then asked some big questions about redemption and the future. the light only seems helpful if we’re honest about being in the dark. this song was the midpoint of these somber services that eventually exploded in hope and celebration. to me, the key line is “God, are you sick?” I’m not sure if I mean “weak/unable” or “twisted,” but when we look at the present state of His world, I think it’s an important question to wrestle with.

musically, I’ve always wanted it to be both moody and beautiful, fragile and powerful. It’s a conflicted song, not sure if it’s mourning or celebrating, and I hope the music hangs in that tension.

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