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aaron niequist


in Jesus’ name i’ve been changed, i’ve been filled,

i’ve been found, i’ve been freed, i’ve been saved!


in Jesus’ blood i’ve been loved, i’ve been cleansed,

and redeemed, and released, rearranged


but how can i show You that i’m grateful?

You’ve been so generous to me.

how can i worship more than singing?

and live out Redemption’s melody.


i have been blessed – now i want to be a blessing

i have been loved – now i want to bring love

i’ve been invited – i want to share the invitation

i have been changed – to bring change,

to bring change


in Jesus’ name we are changed, we are called,

we are chosen, adopted, and named!


in Jesus’ blood we are loved, we are healed,

we’re forgiven and free of our shame!


we want to show You that we’re thankful

flooding Your world with hope and peace

help us  to worship more than singing

giving Redemption hands and feet


we have been blessed –

now we’re going to be a blessing

we have been loved –

now we’re going to bring love

we’ve been invited –

we’re going to share the invitation

we have been changed –

to bring change, to bring change


thank You for this new life,

thank You for the invitation!

God, we want to live it

loud enough to shake the nations –

in Your name!


we have been saved –

we’re going to shout about the Savior

we have been found –

we’re going to turn over every stone

we’ve been empowered –

to love the world to Heaven

we have been changed –

to bring change, to bring change




©2003 AARONieq Music


the idea of getting to join God in what He’s doing to redeem the planet is the reason I’m still a Christian. to be invited into that kind of adventure truly is good news. this song is my best attempt at capturing the excitement and weight of trying to be people who are “blessed to be a blessing.”

in the last couple years, the arrangement has morphed and shifted a bit in tone and energy, getting a little more soulful and less bombastic. (the first version reminded our bass player of “November Rain” by Guns‘n’Roses. that was NOT a compliment.). this is still one of my favorite songs to lead a group of people to sing…especially when we get to the bridge.

This is a video that Blaine Hogan created for a Willow Creek service. Blaine is insanely creative, but this may be my favorite thing he's ever done.


This is a live version at Willow on 4.19.09...

white strip vert
main cow pic