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aaron niequist



Our relationship's ellusive

And such a small part of my

Very religious life



I'm too my neck in propaganda

Waterlogged with all our

"Jesus substitutes"

That You gave us to lead to You

And I'm getting cold and cynical again



I'm so tired from running so fast

Do I really think that You will be impressed

By how I give my best

Even if it is just for myself

But I'm not gonna live for just myself



©2000 AARONieq Music

The I Want More EP

I recorded these three songs in my basement back in 2003. They were intended to be the first three songs of a whole worship album. . . but we moved to Michigan during the recording and I never finished it! maybe some day. It’s weird. . .I was trying to write songs for the youth ministry (Student Impact) that I was a part of at the time, but the songs ended up being much more personal. it was a real dark time spiritually, and I needed to believe that there was more to God than “some boring, dead religion”. I still need to believe that. There a sadness in these songs that hints at some of the doubt and cynicism bubbling just underneath the smile. But there is also a desperate hope and a reaching upward toward something - SOMEONE - bigger than myself and my perspective. There must be more to life and faith and reality. . .and I want in.


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