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"The I Want More EP" (released in the spring of 03)

I recorded these three songs in my basement back in 2003. They were intended to be the first three songs of a whole worship album. . . but we moved to Michigan during the recording and I never finished it! maybe some day. It’s weird. . .I was trying to write songs for the youth ministry (Student Impact) that I was a part of at the time, but the songs ended up being much more personal. it was a real dark time spiritually, and I needed to believe that there was more to God than “some boring, dead religion”. I still need to believe that. There a sadness in these songs that hints at some of the doubt and cynicism bubbling just underneath the smile. But there is also a desperate hope and a reaching upward toward something - SOMEONE - bigger than myself and my perspective. There must be more to life and faith and reality. . .and I want in.


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