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Carry Each Other  

Aaron Niequist


Life is not ment to live, 

On shoulders and shins,

All alone. It’s too heavy to hold.

We need the arms of a friend,

Again and again,

To be strong.  And walk with us ahead.


Love is not ment to live,

On tongues and on lips,

All alone.  We gotta let our love show.

In how we give and we hope,

And make His way known.

Redemption’s calling!


If we are a temple – then I am a stone

If we are a body – then I am a bone

If we are community – then I’m not alone

I’m not alone, and You’re not alone,

We’re not alone. . .

We need to carry each other!


God has made us to be,

A new family,

Of His blood.  For eternity.

From every nation and name, 

The call is the same,

Love and unity!


We’ve got:

Different gifts and different names

Different dreams and different ways

Different hopes and different views

Different walks but one God.

Different strengths and different paths

Different loves and different pasts

Different needs and different beliefs

Different dreams but one God!



© 2003 AARONieq Music

Carry Each Other

In the spring of 2003, Mars Hill was in a very turbulent season.  We were wrestling with some big ideas that proved to be extremely controversial, and our church divided over it.  There is nothing uglier or more difficult than when a community is split against itself.  Life is hard enough already, and we desperately need each other to survive it. We cannot make it on our own.  We were not made to be alone.  But if we really are a community, then there is hope. . .because we were created to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  And if we make it;  I can make it.


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